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  1. Subscription to “The SCANdal” – A subscription newsletter featuring:

    • insights and updates on the latest issues facing compliance professionals.

    • thought leadership on grey issues facing compliance professionals and regulated firms such as:

      • how to adopt a risk-based approach that doesn’t operate only as an excuse to waive compliance requirements.

      • conflict of interest case studies. 

      • how to decide what to pay your compliance officer.

    • how to decide what controls are commensurate for your business.

    • interviews with senior compliance professionals, regulators and business leaders.

    • features on technology developments.

    • the "Rant!" - a periodic blog authored by non-compliance officers where people share their frustrations with compliance.  


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  1. Add your feedback in SCAN's responses to MAS consultation papers.

  2. Inclusion in SCAN’s speaker database so that you can highlight topics on which you would want to speak.

  3. Sign up for mentoring/to be a mentor.

  4. Free admission to networking and social events, including events to highlight members’ talents and interests outside compliance.

  5. Opportunity to lead initiatives to promote Singapore as a leader in effective regulatory compliance.

    • SCAN is a grass-roots initiative.  As a result, we encourage our members to lead initiatives that interest them and are likely to benefit Singapore.

    • SCAN is a young organization.  We want to hear and implement your ideas!

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